Conditions of use

Conditions of Use

If you do not accept our conditions of use, please do not proceed to consult other pages on the website of Polytech Ventures SA (“PV” or “we”). The conditions of use, as well as the information and documents on our website, may change without prior notice at any time. The PV website and all the information it contains are not intended for use by persons who reside or are situated in any jurisdiction where distributing such information is against current law. The products and services that are mentioned on the PV website may not be authorised for sale or available to residents of certain states or to certain categories of investor.

The information available on our website does not take into consideration the specific investment objectives, financial situation, or particular needs of a given recipient and, therefore, cannot be understood as a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell securities or associated financial instruments. No guarantee of any kind, whether explicit or implicit, is provided with regard to the exactness, completeness, or reliability of the information, which itself does not constitute a full description of the securities, markets, or trends mentioned therein. The information contained in our site must not be considered by the users as a substitute for exercising their own judgement.

The information published on the PV website is of a purely informative nature. None of the information distributed on the PV website constitutes an encouragement, an offer, or a recommendation to buy or sell any investment instrument, to carry out transactions, or to conclude a legal act of any kind whatsoever. PV does not claim to furnish investment, legal, or tax advice through the means of its website, and does not guarantee that the securities or services in question are suitable for any investor. Within the limits permitted by law, PV, its administrators, employees, or agents can in no case be held responsible to anyone for direct or indirect losses, costs, complaints, expenses, or damages of any kind whatsoever resulting from the use of the present web pages.

The PV website may include third-party content or links to websites of third parties. Such content and links are provided only for your convenience and your information. PV does not control, assume responsibility, or give any guarantee with regard to content or websites of third parties.

Confidentiality Policy

PV endeavours to protect the personal information which it collects from the persons who use the PV website. Therefore, PV applies a confidentiality policy to manage the type of information collected from the users of the PV website and the way in which the information is collected, as well as the purpose for which PV may collect it. The confidentiality policy applies to any information obtained during your use of the PV website. It does not apply, in contrast, to websites under the control of third parties which are not subsidiaries of PV and towards which links are available on the PV website. When you visit our website, our web server automatically records your internet address, the website from which you are visiting us, the type of browser used, the web pages which you visit, and the date and duration of your visit. In addition, we collect personal data which you furnish on the PV website on a registration page or when you sign up for an electronic newsletter. PV uses your personal information exclusively for purposes of technical administration and for research and development of the site, as well as for client and user administration and marketing. PV uses tracing technology such as cookies or tags to collect information for understanding how visitors use our website. Tracing technology helps us manage and improve the use of our website and identify the most frequented sections or pages of our website.

Any electronic messages sent to or by PV are automatically saved to maintain the worth of the e-mails as evidence. They are protected by legal, technical, and organisational measures, and are accessible only in justified cases, in compliance with current legal provisions. We are entitled to transmit your information to governmental bodies or regulatory authorities so that we may comply with regulations, ordinances, subpoenas, official requests, or with any other similar procedure, within the limits imposed or authorised by applicable legislation.

PV has installed technical and organisational security measures in order to ensure that personal data is safe from any unauthorised access, any accidental or deliberate manipulation, any loss or destruction of data. We decline all responsibility relating to the security of your information during its transfer to PV via the internet.